Calm Sea


Di B

Jun 14, 2021, 

Certainly, since the difficult birth of my son in 2002 I’ve lived with constant low-level anxiety – described as butterflies in my stomach. This physical feeling would intensify and reduce, but never entirely leave.

So for over 18 years, I’ve lived with a degree of agitation. As part of psychotherapy support with Sandy, she suggested hypnotherapy.


While I hoped for a reduction in the symptoms, I wasn’t expecting much.

Now 3 months later, I continue to be symptom-free. The outcome was unexpected and has completely exceeded my expectations.

The experience was easy, I felt secure at every stage and am delighted and relieved with the outcome.


Having recently stepped into a high-pressure role at work, I am interested to see if the strategies I’m learning with Sandi will continue to help me manage stress and if the butterflies remain at bay.

So far, so good, however, I won’t hesitate to access hypnotherapy if things begin feeling out of control.

Di 💕

It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for sandy from SunRizer.. 

I have been having counseling sessions with sandy for about 7 months. During this time, I have made huge progress – especially in the areas of boundaries, self-care, and getting more in touch with my body. From the first time I met Sandy, I felt completely safe with her. She has a very reassuring and kind presence.

She also has the perfect balance between self-disclosure and listening.

Sandy has many things in her toolbox’ and offers each in a gentle and suggestive way and has a great deal of patience. I think she asked me at least once every session ‘where do you feel It in your body?’

I have developed new nurturing routines to support my health, I have discovered and developed an understanding of and relationship of my 11-year-old self. I have learned to integrate and accept all the parts of me- even the bits I do not like, and I have learned a new way of thinking about myself and my life. Even something as small as saying ‘I feel unwell’ as against ‘I am unwell’ has made a huge difference.

I am grateful to have been introduced to Sandy and value all the caring and beneficial guidance she has imparted to me thus far. Cannot wait to have a massage if I’m ever on the south coast. ❤" Jenny 2021