You are Strong, Brave and Kind ... our sister, our best friend💔

Welcome to the very first blog i have actually completed as many were started i can assure you .😘

Did you know that only 2% of adult glioma's are diagnosed , as it is such a rare form of brain cancer and research to cure this is even rarer.. Its so hard to research because the tumor is on the Pons in the actual brain stem of the brain ! This tumor embeds itself into the unsuspecting and 😢fragile brain... Cancer does NOT discriminate !

Its like the jelly setting and normally with other brain tumors you can slice open the strawberry(tumor) and pop out to leave the jelly (brain) in tact (mostly) , however the tumor in my sisters case is the actual jelly!! 😢

Never in a million years, did anyone suspect that our sister , our beautiful kind thoughtful sister could be given a diagnosis such as Brain Cancer! Its been 9 weeks now and what a crazy extremely emotional ride so far!

A rare form of brain cancer on the Pons area of the brain stem is what they are saying and an inoperable area as the risks are too high ! Only Dr Charlie Teo said he would operate , however the risks to this would be that , 2 out of 10 people could come out of this in a coma, paralysis or death and still the tumor would grow back ! The odds were against her ... My sister decided that her quality of life is what is important and she chose not to go through with the operation.. a decision that was not made easily as she has two beautiful young daughters and a baby granddaughter that i know she adores and wants to be around for...

Her treatment is both medical and alternative and with so much family support as she is loved so much, we just gather around her to hopefully hold her up in her darkest days..

No one knows how long , or what is going to happen next and all we continue to do is take a day at a time.. Her spirit is still alive and her brain is still so sharp that sometimes i dont even think she is sick , that its some sort of sad and not very funny joke.. !

Brain cancer is real ! Brain cancer sucks! All Cancer sucks! I had my own diagnosis 7 years ago now with breast cancer and have been clear since (more on that another time) ..

Some info on the brain and why its so crucial we have a good healthy brain !

The brain stem is at the base of the brain and connects to the spinal cord. It is made up of the midbrain, pons, and medulla oblongata.

The brain stem connects the base of your brain to the spinal cord. It is made up of the midbrain, pons, and medulla oblongata. It allows signals to travel on the nerve fibers between the cerebrum and the rest of the body. These signals control your muscles and sensations. The brain stem is also responsible for life sustaining functions such as breathing and your heart beating. The nerves that connect to your face, eyes, tongue, and mouth, called the cranial nerves start in the brain stem.

No one knows what the next day will hold and when someone is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, we crumble, we become angry and we can become isolated in our own turmoil that seems to wrap itself around us as the days pass... The only thing i know for sure is my sister is a fighter , shes brave, shes strong and she is so loved , and that in the days that will follow, we as a united family will walk along side of her and when she falls , we will pick her up ...

Please , please hold your loved ones close,, tell them you love them and forgive , bring peace to your life as we are trying to do and always try to live each day with a full heart of gratitude for today .. life's blessings....

Thankyou for allowing me to share your journey my sister ... 💔

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