Couples Session's- what to expect

Lately I have been seeing couples that are struggling to connect to each other. Its difficult and challenging in these times we live in and I find more and more couples really just need to feel seen and heard.

As a Counselor and Psychotherapist I specialize in relationships and individual counseling as well as Hypnotherapy . I have seen countless couples that make me realize no two people are the same and I work with understanding the fundamental thinking behind their behaviors.

Personally, I have been separated and then reunited with the love of my life, my husband and my best friend. I did however take a lot longer than I would have liked to come to the place where I could be myself and then be the couple I cherish. It took and still takes consistent mindfulness and awareness to take care of the relationship we have restored and sometimes we also need the therapy to nudge us along.

There is no Shame in asking for help, therapy or a hug when times are hard and I firmly believe in knowing firstly what we are feeling to then knowing what we need, to communicate this and then to heal the past.

Your first session is all about understanding how different both female and male brains processing really work. They are different and process at different rates, usually for a male it is said to be "tunnel vision" and this is very frustrating for the women. And also women usually get told "women are great multi taskers" , which also is frustrating for men.

I would usually ask each person to list the 3 or 4 complaints / worries they have of the other and then speak about them. Then to make sure the other person has listened , I ask what was said to clarify. This allows both individuals to be heard and so on.

During these sessions , we begin to understand each person to create more awareness and more insight to the other. At no point is there judgment or pointing the finger and the outcome for each couple is that they respect and show consideration of where they are at .

I support each couple to come up with strategies that fit with the couple and their family so that it is much easier to accomplish, like setting up the weekly Sunday meeting of what ' Quality time' may look like for them.

Your session's range from 3 to 6sessions and then possibly as a management system each 6 months that support your new changes.

Above all , you are supported, heard and be able to have a voice in your relationship and then choose what is best for you as the individual and then the couple. 💖💕

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