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Sandy is a Holistic Counselor & Psychotherapist, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and also practices in Kahuna Bodywork Massage.

Sandy is passionate to help support people to live with a sense of empowerment with choices they make depending on their own circumstances. She believes when we become more aware .. of our patterns of behavior, of our beliefs, and can sit with our feelings, we can begin to change ...

Quest for Life in Bundanoon is also where you will find Sandy throughout the year on several retreats. Her role there is in the Counselling position and people travel to Quest for Peace as they deal with their life struggles and challenges such as cancer, MS, chronic pain, depression, loss, and grief.

Sandy has had her own fair share of Cancer, Grief, and Loss, and times of deep sadness, so she knows that change is one step at a time and that it is possible.

To have a team, a tribe that you can feel supported is a great step forward. 

To give yourself the chance, the choice and the peace of learning, growing, and changing what isn't working anymore in your life is empowering, comforting, and rewarding. 

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